What to Do on Kauai, Hawaii

Are you planning a vacation to Kauai, Hawaii? Here’s my favorite things to do on Kauai to help you with your itinerary planning.

Na Pali Coast Boat Tour – Wow, the Na Pali Coast is phenomenal, and it’s one of your best chances in all of Hawaii to see dolphins come right up to your boat and try to bow-ride or frolic with you, in my opinion. This is a must-do, must see.

Used to be that the zodiac rafts were the best way to see the Na Pali coast (in my opinion) because they were fast and low to the water – you could touch the dolphins – they got that close. However, these days the zodiacs have to take the long way around the coast so you might be better off taking a catamaran that gets to leave right from the north shore. I like Na Pali Catamaran.

Waimea Canyon – The Waimea Canyon is really cool for a couple of reasons. 1. it looks 100% out of place. what is a canyon doing in Hawaii? 2. It’s so incredibly colorful that it’s is amazing to behold. Really a wonder of Hawaii.

Helicopter Tours – Kauai is pretty spectacular, and there are a few places you just can’t see without flying in to them. Some helicopter tour companies will drop you down next to humongous waterfalls (as seen in many movies)

Sunset Sail or Dolphin/Snorkel/Whale Sail – Definitely consider a boat tour. Head down to Poipu for a sunset sail for sure.

North Shore Beach Adventures – The North Shore offers a couple of hidden beaches, like Hidden Beach or Anini Beach. I always recommend the Kauai Revealed guidebook to help you find all of these and other hidden gems.

Source by Lisa Weber

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Our Hanalei Bay departures from Kauai’s North Shore allow true sailing along the NaPali Coast.
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