Information for pregnant passengers

Winter traveling passengers from October 1st through June 20th will not be allowed to board due to rough ocean conditions.

General Health of Expectant Mother: Passengers wishing to board need to be in good health, have good core body strength/balance (because falling is a risk), and physical endurance in order to endure a white water rapids tour for 5 hours.

Hypothermia and motion sickness can occur. Therefore if you are experiencing morning sickness, this tour is not for you.

Those passengers wishing to board will be advised this is a remote location, no cell phone service, no roads, and it is helicopter extraction only in the case of an emergency.

We strongly advise pregnant passengers to stay on shore but if accept the risks that we have laid out for you here you are welcome to board at your own risk.

Do you allow infants or younger children?

Children younger than 7 are not recommended to sail to Na Pali. Small exceptions [infants or toddlers are too young] to the minimum age can be made for private charter requests. You must receive Captain’s approval prior to booking. Please contact us for more information.

How rough is the Na Pali or will I get sea sick?

Please prepare for a wet and wild ocean tour if you decide to join us on our Na Pali Coast boat tours! Sailing Na Pali is adventurous and not for all person(s) wishing to go. Persons with a history of motion sickness on long plane, car or train rides should prepare for this tour in the same manner as land or air based activities. Local stores carry over-the-counter anti-emetics (please check with your Doctor first) or you can try local remedies like arm bands and crystallized ginger treats. When in doubt best to keep a light breakfast or afternoon lunch in mind.

Do you go inside the sea caves?

Ku’uipo our catamaran has a 60′ mast, therefore we do not enter into the sea caves. Rather as long as the ocean conditions permit Captain Sundown will motor close to the Na Pali by “hugging” the coastline. Check out our Photo Gallery or our Facebook Photo Albums for coastline images

Is there a bathroom on board?

Yes, we have a marine toilet facility down in one of the hulls. Special Note: for safety reasons we cannot open the hatch to the toilet on the open ocean due to splashing or rogue waves that could occur without warning. Too much ocean water could flood the hull with water making that activity unsafe for all the passengers! Therefore, please advise the Crew ahead of time that you may need to use the facility somewhere along the way, and the Captain can plan for a pit stop in the lee of the Island where it is safest to open a hatch. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Do you do drop offs or pick ups along the Na Pali?

Please refer to the “DLNR: Division of State Parks” for more information.

What happens if you catch a fish on your tours when trolling fishing lines?

Our Captains enjoy hauling the big ones on board and our passengers get to share in the excitement by reeling them in! We have caught Papio, Ono, Ahi, Kahala, Mahi Mahi, and Barracuda just to name a few! Check with our Crew on sharing in the catch. Note: No gutting of fish ever occurs on board and fish weighing over 20 pounds are iced down in coolers off-site for 48 hours before filleting.

Are food and drinks provided?

All Na Pali tours include complimentary light snacks such as: fresh fruit, chips, cookies and bottled water, sodas and juice. For the Snorkel Sail, there is the addition of a complimentary deli meat sandwich on French Bread. If you must reject this offer of free lunch or snacks due to a special dietary restriction please bring along a picnic style meal you can enjoy and we can keep it chilled in our extra large coolers.

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Our Hanalei Bay departures from Kauai’s North Shore allow true sailing along the NaPali Coast.
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