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Your first steps to getting on board: First, take a trip to Kauai’s North Shore to historic Hanalei town! Cross the one-lane Hanalei Bridge and drive between the taro loi and Hanalei River. Continue on to Hanalei town. Staying north of Hanalei? Then drive south bound past iconic Wai’oli Church with it’s remarkable stained glass windows. Park and ride! Time to prepare for wet and wild Na Pali Sailing with us!

Napali Coast Tour

Snorkel Sail

Deluxe Na Pali tour showcasing ALL 8 Na Pali valleys, waterfalls and sea caves! Snorkel opportunity at Na Pali’s Nu’alolo Kai. Troll fishing lines, have a picnic lunch and enjoy the Coast! View endangered Sea Turtle Cleaning Station and other ocean life.


Sunset Tour

Perfect shorter Na Pali tour without snorkeling. Relax and enjoy romantic Hawaii sunsets, view red and green volcanic cliffs, waterfalls and world famous Bali Hai! Throw on your swim wear, grab a beach towel and join us for some wet splashy fun!

Private Charter

Have a special event or just want a boat tour reserved just for you? Exclusively reserve a tour for you and your family or friends! Exclusive Private Charter options can include a relaxing North Shore sail, fisherman fun or a full on adventure to Na Pali!


Eco Sailing Napali Adventures

  • 40 foot Sailing Catamaran
  • Trademark Blue & Orange Sails
  • Seating for 30 with only 15-17 on board
  • Shallow Draft Vessel for Cliff Hugging Fun
  • Extreme Dolphin Bow Riding
  • Endangered Sea Turtles encounters
  • Experience Na Pali Sailing at it’s finest!

Hanalei North Shore Kauai Departures

  • Where all the roads are named after fish & crabs
  • Ancient Hawaiian Fishing Village : Ahupua’a
  • Hanalei Town to Hanalei Pier Beach Park Van Shuttle
  • Hanalei Pier: National Historical Monument
  • Ancient Hawaiian Fish Pond-Kanoa Fish Pond
  • Hanalei River Estuary: Nursery for Baby Fish
  • Hanalei Pier Beach Park Beach to Boat Shuttle
  • Bali Hai to Na Pali Coast boat tours
  • Look Out for High Risk Big Wave & Wind Surfers
Bible College and Pier

Sailing Hanalei Bay North Shore Kauai to Napali Coast State Park

  • Small Family Business with Local Knowledge
  • Napali tested Boat Captains & Crew
  • Napali Coast Snorkel Tours
  • Sight-see All “8” Na Pali Valleys Up Close & Off Shore Panoramic Views
  • Best boat tour for Photography
  • Summertime specialty romantic Bali Hai Sunset Sails
  • Private Charters to meet your needs

Napali Snorkeling & Fishing Tours

  • Hanalei Bay to Exclusive Nu’alolo Kai
  • Frequent Sea Turtle & Spinner Dolphin Encounters
  • Family Fun Adventure Sea Fishing
  • Hand Lines for the Kids
  • 4.0 Reels for Big Fish Trolling
  • Snorkel Gear: plain glass masks, snorkels included
  • Safety Gear: noodles and vests on board
  • Easy Access up or down Ocean Staircase
  • Picnic Lunch, bottled waters & snack included

Why choose us

Our small and personal tour sizes are designed with your comfort in mind and to snorkel Na Pali waters.

Our boat which carries up to 18 passengers is permitted to enter the only safe turtle and fish filled lagoon at the extreme west end of the Na Pali called Nu’alolo Kai. With its’ crystal clear waters and rugged coral reef our snorkeling place is a preferred snorkel spot among all the Guidebooks!

You’ll find no “cattlemarans” associated with Captain Sundown’s. We do not pack you on deck like sardines where there is standing room only! Relax on our open deck for 360 degree views of Na Pali cliffs!

Captain Sundown’s has no loudspeakers or microphones and NO Diesel motors.

We offer real and true sailing opportunities filled with wild sea life encounters such as dolphin and sea turtles, flying fish, Humpback Whales (in Winter seasons), rare marine birds and fishing fun!

We promise you’ll have day out on the water that you soon won’t forget. There are those who remember it as a real and raw special sailing opportunity out on open Hawaiian Pacific ocean waters.

STYLE demands that we take a few passengers, rather than fifty

STYLE is why we depart from lovely Hanalei Bay. You’ll experience beauty before we even leave the mooring.

STYLE is why Captain “Bob” Sundown has designed and built a swift, smooth, fume­less, quiet sailing boat for the waters and remote areas of Kauai.

By departing from Hanalei Bay, you will immediately see the famous Na Pali mountains and cliffs.

This port allows us in our deluxe 6 Hour Snorkel Sail to show you ALL eight valleys of the Na Pali Coastline, ALL the waterfalls and ALL the sea caves and beaches of Na Pali in a leisurely manner.

Any other departure point requires 60 minutes to get to the Na Pali and 60 to get back. On most such tours you will see very little of the Na Pali and certainly not in any kind of a leisurely manner.

If you must go from the West side, verify that you will actually see the green valleys, both archways, and the waterfall inside the cave. These are the true splendors of Na Pali. To come so close and miss them is tragic.

Departing from those distant harbors does allow those boats to take large passenger counts, like 49 or 150 at a time. These operations are absolutely needed to fuel the time­share sales programs. We choose not to gear our operation to depend on it. It requires more crowded boats than are allowed to go from Hanalei.

There are those who would have you believe there are no boats running from Hanalei. We are here, since 1971. Running daily. If you hear from some activities people that we are not running from Hanalei, they are likely Timeshare sponsored and trying to get you to go from Port Allen. You’ll not likely see the whole coast on those rides.

We encourage you to do your homework. No one can come close to the personal care and experience a true Mom & Pop sailing business such as ours which are built and designed to support our spouses, children and our grandchildren. Mahalo nui loa for your support!

What Our Guests Are Saying

We highly recommend Na Pali Sail! This is the best way to tour the Na Pali coast and experience the stunning views of the sea cliffs and caves. Capt Bob comes with years of experience and knowledge!! We’ve taken this sail a few times and would do it again in a heartbeat ! 5 stars!
Author Photo
Becky Hallman
Loved this tour! Dave and Capt Bob were excellent hosts, the coastline is beautiful, the dolphins were everywhere! Capt Bob runs a very safe and fun boat, the the hospitality and color commentary were a great! I’d recommend this trip to anyone coming to Kauai!
Author Photo
Kevin Greene
Great tour! Best way to see the Na Pali coast, hands down!!!
Author Photo
Iván Márquez

About Us

Established in 1971, we are a family owned and operated Na Pali Sailing Catamaran Company from Hanalei Bay located only 5 minutes North of Na Pali. Our departures from Kauai's North Shore allow true sailing opportunities along the Na Pali Coast. We offer Hanalei's only sailing tours and take no more than 15-17 passengers per trip.

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Our Hanalei Bay departures from Kauai’s North Shore allow true sailing along the NaPali Coast.
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